Friday, June 28, 2013

100 Cows and a Chicken - 300 Pieces

 photo cowdone_zps420d3dd8.jpg

18x24, by Ceaco.  This was from the yard sale loot!  There was another, but it is 750.  100 Chickens and... I don't remember what else! This one was hugely fun and very fast!  I did it all in an hour or so, just 5 minutes here and there while I was cleaning house.  I think it was June 4th.


  1. Hi Tama. How is the wrist. Have you been doing any stitching. I bought some Puzzlebug puzzles from Dollar Tree. They are 18 x 11.


    1. Hi Linda! My wrist is getting better, I had apparently hurt it more than I thought OR it made the issue I used to have with it flare up - it's not carpal tunnel but I forget what it is called - something to do with the ulnar nerve that goes from the outside of your hand to the elbow. So it's been no fun and barely any stitching. Hope you got some good puzzles! I love Puzzlebug, mostly 'cause they are cheap XD