Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thomas Kinkade Wreath Puzzle - 500 Pieces

This one was tough because of the edges, but it was a lot of fun!  A friend gave it to me and there is a piece missing, but there wasn't when she worked it so we're both hunting all over our houses in hopes of finding it!  I've had such bad luck with missing pieces lately!

The box:

 photo wreathbox_zps374ebeff.jpg

The beginning:
 photo wreath1_zpsfe4f9730.jpg

The progress shots:
 photo wreath2_zps393e7e42.jpg photo wreath2_zps484298ec.jpg photo wreath3_zps8e1a1eef.jpg photo wreath6_zpsa695b08e.jpg photo wreath7_zps1fa4702a.jpg photo wreath8_zps60e7c3f1.jpg

The finish!
 photo wreathdone_zpsb8093879.jpg

23x24, by Ceaco.  Worked in January, 2014

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