Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cobbler Studying Doll's Shoe - 1000 Pieces

AKA the Puzzle of DOOM!

 photo shoefin_zps77f93f20.jpg

Started - I don't remember.  Months ago.
Finished - 6-21-13
29x19 inches, by Sure-lox
Horrible, horrible, horrible!  And I have several more of them!  Maybe they won't be pixellated, though - the actual puzzle pieces were easy to work with, nice and sturdy.  Just the picture was terrible.
I think I worked one more puzzle on my kitchen table during this, then all the puzzles will be back where they belong!


  1. Congrats on finishing the puzzle Tama. I'm sure your brother will love it. It really is a nice one. Are you stitching yet?


    1. Thank you! If I had stuck with it, it wouldn't have taken so long - story of my life! But at least it is done.
      Not really stitching again yet, unfortunately. But I do know what is wrong with my arm now. I'll have a post tomorrow or the next day about it.