Monday, September 10, 2012

Cats! Cats! Cats! - 1000 pieces


30x24. by Springbok.  I paid $2 for this puzzle at a yard sale.  Despite the frustration, it was worth it!  This one was a real challenge.  Those horribly shaped, worn and frayed pieces!  How does it manage to look so shiny now that it's done?!


  1. Hi Tama. Looks great. I'm almost positive that I have this one in my stash. I love those horribl shaped pieces. That's why I so enjoy the Springbok puzzles. I hate doing the ones that have all the same shape pieces, which you do alot of. I should dig mine out, but I have actually been doing a little stitching.


    1. Lol - now that it's over, I kind of wish I had more of them to do! It got fun the longer I worked on it. I think part of it was the fact that the pieces were sooooooo worn and even occasionally fuzzy! Still, like I said, it got fun and I wouldn't mind another someday. But I've never seen one for sale in any of the places around here :C
      I'll just keep my eyes open at yard sales!
      Glad to hear you're stitching again! Are you feeling better?

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  3. Hi Tama. They use to sell them in Hallmark stores if you have one of those around. Also, Herrschners and or Mary Maxim carry some. I have ordered some from here also.