Monday, July 1, 2013

Spiderman - 100 Pieces

Ah, Spiderman.  How you vexed me!

When I opened the box, these odd little papers wafted out - I picked a few up and realized, to my horror (okay, exaggerating a little!) that they were the picture part of some of the puzzle pieces!  They had come off!

I started to just pitch the thing - I paid a dime for it!  But I know our kiddo will like it - he's crazy about Spiderman.  So I took a little time and glued the pictures back to the pieces.  But first I put the frame together to make 100% sure I was gluing the right ones to the right pieces:

 photo spider1_zps402deef6.jpg

I forgot to take a picture of the frame with all it's pictures glued back on, and anyway, when I took the blank ones out, more pictures came of the others.  URGH!

But here it is with the frame done, and the middle put in - more blanks!  And when I took it apart to glue them on - yet again, more pieces came apart.  It was annoying.  But it still only took about half an hour, and I haven't seen a new Spiderman puzzle at any store around here in ages, so it will be worth it for the kid.

 photo spider2_zps5acd7b41.jpg

And here he finally is, all glued up and as shiny as I could make him:

 photo spiderdone_zpsa29f978a.jpg

As a side note - a glue stick did not work. Elmers was too gloopy.  I ended up using my puzzle glue - a drop on my finger, rub it over the top of the cardboard, then very carefully position the paper and glue it down.  A few minutes to dry and they were perfect!  Just in case anyone ever needs to mend a puzzle this way!

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