Saturday, June 2, 2012

Falling in Love - 300 pieces


'Falling in Love'  Started at 11:10 pm 6-2-12, finished 12:20 am 6-3-12.  18x14  By Papercity Puzzles.
I knew this one was going to be easy, but that was ridiculous! It felt like it took about fifteen minutes, though, so I guess that means it was fun XD  Beautifully printed but the puzzle itself was a little flimsy and one or two pieces were bent.  I hate that.  Otherwise, not too bad but I don't know if I'll buy any more of this company's puzzles unless I fall in love with the picture like I did this one.  I do already have one more, bought at the same time, but it's much bigger.  Hopefully it will also be sturdier.
I haven't picked my next puzzle yet, I'll post a box pic when I do!

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