Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two Fantastic Four Puzzles - 100 Pieces Each

Well, I ran into a problem with the Spiderman puzzle so he will get his own post!  But here are the frames:

 photo ff1_zps2d3b4da1.jpg
Blurry again, sorry!

 photo dd1_zpsbb6e9d22.jpg

And the finished pictures for the two Fantastic Four puzzles.  Every piece was there!

 photo ffdone_zps2609abd8.jpg

This one was weird - the bodies are drawn but the faces are either from the movie or a TV show.  Very badly done, too - I would have expected much better.  I've seen photoshop projects by twelve year olds that look better, lol!  The kiddo will like it, though.

 photo dd2_zpsc0a51ab2.jpg
This one is much better!  All drawn, no weird, creepy faces!  I like the Dr Doom statue, too.

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