Friday, April 22, 2016

More Thomas Kinkade Puzzles

Well, posting every day sure didn't work out :D

I guess I forgot I was doing the April A-Z challenge on my other blog.  Oh, well.

Catching up!

On Tuesday I did puzzle number #3, Split Rock Lighthouse - 300 pieces.

And the frame for #4:

And then about half of it:

 Wednesday was a busy day so I only did a little and took this picture:

Then ended up finishing it that evening, anyway.  So here's #4, Hidden Cottage, 300 pieces:

And either Wednesday night or Thursday morning - can't remember - I did the frame for #5:

Got this far Thursday, because it was 1. Another busy day, and 2. Most of these pieces were almost the exact same color.  Urk!

But I finished it up today - #5, Christmas Eve, 300 pieces.

And I've started the last of the 300 piece ones, #6.  Maybe I'll finish it tonight - who knows?

After this, there are four 500 piece puzzles left in the set.

Back soon - I hope!!!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Thomas Kinkade Collection Box

Just for Linda!

I have lots of puzzles to post but for now I will start with this - I got it used but most of the puzzles are still unopened.

Last night I did the two 100 piece puzzles:

Evening in the Forest

Rock of Salvation

And I have done the outline for puzzle #3.

I will try to do daily updates for a while :D  And post my backlog, too!!!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

We All Scream - 500 Pieces

It has been so long since I posted puzzle pics but not long since I worked one - I finished one last night!

It is not this one, though - I'm going to catch up with all my unposted finishes first!

This one was by Cobble Hill and I can't find the box but I think it was called 'We All Scream' (for ice cream!)

I saved all the chocolate for last!

And finished at 18 x 24 inches!

Done sometime in 2014.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Lion King - 300 Pieces

This one was so big I had to turn it sideways on my table, so the pictures look odd :D

The box:
 photo kingbox_zps5345f181.jpg

The progress:
 photo king1_zps93eebb0f.jpg
 photo king2_zps4ce9f0be.jpg photo king3_zps460c8737.jpg photo king4_zps0dadc841.jpg

The finish!
 photo kingdone_zps3c8c1f54.jpg

2 feet x 3 feet, by Golden Puzzles

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Serenity Cove - 750 Pieces

This one was fun!  I hope I can find more shaped puzzles.

The box:
 photo covebox_zpsf81ef373.jpg

The progress:
 photo cove1_zps967cd698.jpg photo cove2_zps081a03df.jpg photo cove3_zps42033eee.jpg photo cove4_zpsc2ef26d7.jpg photo cove5_zps396b69de.jpg photo cove6_zpsf68b0966.jpg photo cove7_zps3eed72cf.jpg

The finish! So PRETTY!!!
 photo covedone_zpsbc24e350.jpg

24 inches round, by Ceaco

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Misty Morning - 500 Pieces

This one didn't actually have a name, so I made one up.  It looks like a cool, fall dawn to me.

The box:
 photo mistybox_zps087794f0.jpg

The progress:
 photo misty1_zps08775920.jpg
 photo misty2_zpsc797d4e4.jpg photo misty3_zps56d65d5c.jpg photo misty4_zps79c4a894.jpg photo misty5_zps8618145e.jpg

The finish:
 photo mistydone_zpsf654f988.jpg

11x18, no company name but distributed by Dolgencorp, Inc.  I really like the house's blue door.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guiding Light - 500 Pieces

The box:

 photo guidebox_zps8f2ac3b6.jpg

The progress:
 photo guide1_zps93785099.jpg photo guide2_zps91bbe06d.jpg
 photo guide3_zps5c02d622.jpg
 photo guide4_zps72f67db4.jpg photo guide5_zpsc445b418.jpg photo guide6_zps5dea1d2e.jpg photo guide7_zps84f20567.jpg

The finish:
 photo guidedone_zps724d168d.jpg

19 x 14, by SureLox
Finished in February.