Monday, April 18, 2016

Thomas Kinkade Collection Box

Just for Linda!

I have lots of puzzles to post but for now I will start with this - I got it used but most of the puzzles are still unopened.

Last night I did the two 100 piece puzzles:

Evening in the Forest

Rock of Salvation

And I have done the outline for puzzle #3.

I will try to do daily updates for a while :D  And post my backlog, too!!!



  1. I'm so happy your back to this blog Tama. Thank you. I so want to do a puzzle but I can't until I get through the April challenge. I will just have to watch you working on yours.


    1. I'm happy to get back to it, too - I felt so guilty, lol! You're doing so well on your April challenge, I can barely believe how much is getting done!