Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh Happy Day - 500 Pieces

This is a set of four Debbie Mumm puzzles that I am currently working - I'm doing one of these, then a photograph-style puzzle, and back to one of these until they are done!  Splits things up a bit!

Here is the box - I'm starting with the one in the top left corner.  They don't have individual names so I am naming them myself :D

 photo mummbox_zps4db5b5cf.jpg

Progress shots - I took a lot of this one!

 photo happy1_zps02a224e3.jpg photo happy2_zpsf3b01ca8.jpg photo happy3_zps7df9e6a1.jpg photo happy4_zps2a835ada.jpg photo happy5_zps1575a96e.jpg photo happy6_zps590ed05f.jpg photo happy7_zps5e46bb6e.jpg


 photo happydone_zps23d1f395.jpg

18x14, by Ceaco

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