Friday, February 28, 2014

Old Prairie Farm - 500 Pieces

The box:
 photo oldbox_zps5fbbd344.jpg

The progress:
 photo old1_zps2596dc28.jpg photo old2_zpsdf73287c.jpg photo old3_zpsa16304d2.jpg
 photo old4_zpsce522fc8.jpg photo old5_zpsb5f59804.jpg  photo old6_zpsd7e0952e.jpg

The finish:
 photo olddone_zps05de4059.jpg

I adored working on this one.  Not sure why, though!  Also, it was HUGE!!!

27 x 19 inches, a 'Click' puzzle by Mega Puzzles.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blackbird Houses - 500 Pieces

The last of the set of four:

 photo mummbox_zps4db5b5cf.jpg

This is the bottom right side puzzle.

 photo bbird1_zps3d59047e.jpg photo bbird2_zpsb3e5988d.jpg photo bbird3_zps7cea4a44.jpg
 photo bbird4_zpsa71c4bef.jpg photo bbird5_zps816740de.jpg

 photo bbird6_zps7e05f564.jpg

 photo bbirddone_zps7579acef.jpg

20 x 24, by Ceaco

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rosseau General Store - 500 Pieces

The box:
 photo signbox_zps6f012a9e.jpg

The progress:
 photo sign1_zps4992bfdd.jpg photo sign2_zps7a4aecd6.jpg photo sign3_zps9d34371f.jpg photo sign4_zps129504f0.jpg
 photo sign5_zpsfdfa0a46.jpg photo sign6_zps7ce86649.jpg
 photo sign7_zpsf8662c57.jpg

The grand finale!
 photo signdone_zps1841f36f.jpg

This one was fun and easy!  The usual size, by Puzzlebug

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Linder's Farm - 500 Pieces

The box - this one is the bottom left puzzle.
 photo mummbox_zps4db5b5cf.jpg

The progress:
 photo farm1_zps3a488013.jpg photo farm2_zpsa6ddb9f3.jpg photo farm3_zps36491e1e.jpg photo farm4_zps04c8db85.jpg photo farm5_zps3017a567.jpg
 photo farm6_zps7ab2cf61.jpg

The finish:
 photo farmdone_zpsc61eea75.jpg

18x24, by Ceaco

Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Flowers - 504 pieces

The box:
 photo daffybox_zpsaa19be2c.jpg

The progress:
 photo daffy1_zpsae57c07a.jpg
 photo daffy2_zpsaeb18714.jpg photo daffy3_zps11a59d58.jpg

I forgot to take any pictures between these two!  It started flying together :D photo daffy4_zps2f7ebf96.jpg

The finish!
 photo daffydone_zpsf3c5330b.jpg

Oh so very tiny!  The pieces were small, the puzzle is only 9x13!  Also, there was an extra piece.  Fun, though!  By Prestige.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

County Fair - 500 Pieces

Two county fairs in a row!  This is the second of the Debbie Mumm puzzles.

The box again - this is the top right one.

 photo mummbox_zps4db5b5cf.jpg

The progress:

 photo county1_zpseabaf70a.jpg photo county2_zpsa8d4b2d8.jpg photo county3_zps27092637.jpg photo county4_zps064784b3.jpg photo county5_zps4994dd70.jpg photo county6_zps1c73dbd7.jpg photo county7_zps83e41d08.jpg


 photo countydone_zps29dac60e.jpg

18x24, by Ceaco

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lake County Fair, Illinois - 500 pieces

The box:

 photo cfairbox_zpsd9feb70f.jpg

The progress:

 photo cfair1_zps32c00ee9.jpg photo cfair2_zpsee6398f8.jpg photo cfair3_zps808aed73.jpg photo cfair4_zps70579fd6.jpg photo cfair5_zps6721e2fe.jpg photo cfair6_zpsedd7cb53.jpg

The finish:

 photo cfairdone_zps53431fdb.jpg

11x16, I think?  by Puzzlebug.  There were two pieces missing but I found them later!  AFTER I took it apart, of course!!!